Hide Your Online Presence
with VPN

Many VPN providers claim that they provide complete anonymity, while actually, tracking what you're doing online. Vista VPN believes that privacy is a basic right, therefore we never keep your browsing logs. Keep your privacy safe, and browse anonymously by disguising your whereabouts. When you connect to any Vista VPN server in 94 countries/regions around the world, your IP address and location are ‘camouflaged’.

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Vista VPN Cares for your Privacy

Perfect Forward Secrecy

Vista VPN never records your Internet
traffic. Therefore no one can locate your IP
address or timestamp. It is impossible to
trace back to you by the shared IP address.

Ensure Your Online Info Safe
from 3rd Parties

Vista VPN makes it possible for browsing online anonymously and keep others away from your private matters. Without a VPN, your Internet traffic will be monitored by third parties. Your Internet Service Provider may track your activity and share the information with other parties. Governments may use the data to restrict your access to content, and companies can use your info for their profits. And you are vulnerable to cybercrime and surveillance, especially on public Wi-Fi.