Hide your IP address with VPN
Hide your IP address with VPN

Nowadays, most browsers allow you to browse privately in incognito mode. The so-called "private browsing" in these browsers cannot really hide online browsing activity, which means that it is not privacy in the true sense. The incognito mode has its pros and cons. Yes, this mode can protect privacy when users need to hide their browsing activities from other users on the same device. However, when we talk about the true online privacy, incognito mode does not provide this type of privacy, because everything you do in this mode is not actually private.

When you browse the Internet in incognito mode, other websites and your ISP can still see your IP address and your browsing history. If you agree to cookies, they will also be stored on your computer, used to track your activity. There are almost no advanced security features in incognito mode that sets to protect your digital footprint. Using a private connection or a proxy is the only way that you can completely hide your browsing activity.

The browser itself cannot make your online activities private. In fact, if you want to be able to keep your online activities private, you must pay more attention to your connection. A virtual private network is the best way to keep browsing activities private, because it keeps your internet connection anonymous and hides your IP address. So, in this way, no third party can track you online. If you’re not using a private connection, there’s no way you can hide online activities by using incognito mode.

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