Hide your IP address with VPN
Hide your IP address with VPN

Airlines, rental companies, software suppliers, and others will charge you at different prices according to your country/region’s IP address, which is a closely guarded secret.Fortunately, you can change the virtual locations by using a VPN to avoid online price discrimination. You can take a flight to anywhere without being overcharged.

How do those companies know your country/region?

One of the most challenging parts is how to find the best price when we book online. Especially when customers are charged by different rates based on their countries/regions, because websites track our browsing history to raise the price.

The websites identify your location by the Internet Protocol(IP). Cookies trace and collect your online activities. The travel agency will raise the price when they find you search the same item multiple times. Websites can get your location by the GPS on your phone or pad, and decide the price offered to you. Websites can track your area if you use Wi-Fi. If the website uses the HTML5 coding, it can even track your location on your PC.

How to avoid spending an afternoon looking for a bargain or just prevent discriminative pricing due to local differences? Just use a VPN, and the websites will be unable to track your search history.

No one wanted an overpriced purchase, but suppose you want to browse a website in a foreign version to see its deals, you need to change the IP address from one country to another using a virtual private network.

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