Unblock Websites & Apps

Do you want an app to quickly unlock the blocked content, access your favorite websites at your school, workspace, or anywhere in the world? Let’s get started to learn how to unblock the website, access web services, and get around the censorship. You can access desired content anywhere, anytime.

Access blocked websites, enjoy free internet experience

How Do VPN Unlock Banned Websites?

Some governments and network administrators will monitor Internet traffic to restrict access to certain websites. VPN diverts the traffic using the encrypted tunnel, so it can not be monitored, manipulated or censored. To help you unblock the websites or apps desired, Vista VPN will simply encrypt your network traffic. Sometimes these websites and apps are being censored in your country, region, or being blocked by the school, office, or public Wi-Fi network. You can use a new IP address to surf the internet when you opt for one of our global servers and access the websites that would otherwise be blocked or banned.

Why Do I Need to Access
Blocked Websites?

Assuming you are somewhere in the world, where the government in that region prohibits all access to such websites as YouTube, Twitter, Skype or Facebook. We think no matter where you are, you should have the freedom to access those content. So, Vista VPN helps you stay online on the social media sites and get in touch with your friends and family with ease.